Frequently Asked Questions
The medical expert will provide a medical report detailing the injuries you sustained in your accident (or as a result of negligent medical treatment) and an opinion on how long it took or will take to recover. Without this report, your solicitor cannot pursue your claim.
Most experts will allow you to take a friend or relative into the examination if you prefer to do so. If you attend alone but want a chaperone to be present for the examination, contact either Speed Medical or the expert prior to the appointment date. If you have a joint appointment on the same date as a family member/friend, make sure you arrive in time for the earliest appointment. If you prefer to be seen on your own, let the expert know.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time and allow enough time to park and find the venue. Be sure that you know how to find the venue ahead of time and contact either the expert or us if you need assistance as directions / maps are available upon request. If you arrive late, the expert may not have enough time to see you before the next patient is due, and a fee may be charged for the unattended appointment.
If we need to obtain your medical records before the appointment, it may take between 6-8 weeks to obtain all of them from your GP, hospital, physiotherapist etc. We then send these to the expert who then provides an appointment. Their waiting lists vary, but as a general guide the waiting time for a GP to see you would be 5-8 weeks and for any other type of expert would be 8-12 weeks.
No. The expert will need to determine how well you have recovered from your injuries. If they saw you within a few weeks of the accident/incident, it would be hard for them to do this. If you have suffered very serious injuries in the accident, your appointment with the expert will likely be deferred until such a time as you are making a recovery, so the longer term impact of your injuries is better known.
Your surgery or hospital will only release your records if you give written permission, as required by the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018. You can complete this via the Client Portal; please refer to the ‘Outstanding Actions’ section on your Dashboard. Please complete and return this mandate within 14 days of your receipt, in order to help us process this quickly and keep your claim running as efficiently as possible.
The expert examining you will usually need to see all your records so they are aware of any pre-existing conditions. This will enable them to reach an informed opinion and give a definite prognosis.
If you booked your appointment yourself using the Client Portal, you can view your appointment details on the Dashboard. You will also receive confirmation of these details via email, letter or text. If you booked your appointment with us over the phone, you will also receive confirmation of these details via email, letter or text and you can again view these on the Client Portal.
Yes. Advise either us or the expert as soon as possible otherwise your appointment may be cancelled. You can do this via the Client Portal if you have not done so already; please refer to the ‘Outstanding Actions’ section on your Dashboard.
You will need to discuss this with your solicitors prior to the examination.
Advise either us or the expert as soon as possible. Late cancellation at less than 10 days notice or non-attendance may result in a fee which you may be personally liable for. You can do this via the Client Portal if you wish to; refer to the ‘Appointments’ section on your Dashboard.
Your case will then be delayed and non-attendance may result in a fee which you may be personally liable for. The expert may also be unwilling to offer a further appointment.
We have a panel of experts who specialise in producing medical reports on injuries and are trained to do this, as not all doctors are. We choose the closest suitably qualified expert to examine you and so it is important that you do your best to attend.
No. The expert has been agreed by the Third Party Insurers and must be impartial so your own GP or other doctors who you are currently seeing / previously seen can’t be chosen.

If you have previously seen the instructed medical expert for treatment please contact our offices prior to making any appointment arrangements.
This will vary according to the type of expert you are seeing and the nature of your injuries. Typically a GP examination might last 15 minutes and a psychology examination might last 45 minutes.
You will be asked to provide Photo ID. Any photo ID which confirms your name and address will be acceptable, including passports and photo driving licenses. The expert will ask you about:

  • How the accident occurred
  • How your symptoms and injuries developed
  • How your recovery progressed
  • Date and details of any medical treatment
  • How this affected your work life (time off), home life or leisure activities
  • Any extra help you needed as a result of your injuries

You may also be physically examined if appropriate and it might be necessary for clothing to be removed in order for a thorough examination to be done. The expert may dictate his report as the examination progresses or may instead take notes.
Make sure you have the information above: take along a note of the relevant dates if you need to. Be prepared for the questioning nature of the examination: the expert has to prepare a report as a witness to the court and does need to know lots of detail to be certain that he has the correct facts to give his informed opinion.
It is not the expert’s role to offer you medical advice in your examination, though any recommendations will be detailed in their report.
The report will be forwarded to your solicitor approximately 3 weeks after the examination. They will then discuss the contents with you and advise about compensation.